Wednesday, June 06, 2007

FLNW2 2008

FLNW2 has kicked off in earnest :-)

TALO is growing it's wings into Thailand in January 2008. The format for FLNW2 follows on from the lead and mentorship of Leigh Blackall in 2007.

This FLNW looks to include a number of key support organizations including CITE, WikiEducator, VibeWire and the EON Foundation.

An open grant is being developed to support participators who have committed to the journey through the Mekong Delta and beyond. This will enable all participants to contribute to the financial responsibilities and accountability of the event finance.

A virtual contributors contingent will also be "conduits" for the conversations and will co-ordinate hookups with participants. Please familiarise yourself with the FLNW WikiEducator networks entry and add your thoughts via the FLNW Google group.

John Eyles and Alex Hayes have agreed to push the conversation forward in 2007 with the help of participants from around the globe. The catchcry this time round is to progress the super-human efforts of Leigh Blackall to ".....grow TALO beyond a technology focused online information gathering group and to build a robust and sustainable model of engaging others with networked ICT's and other new and emergent technologies."

The FLNW 2 event follows on from the FLNW event which was held in New Zealand in 2006. FLNW2 came about as a result of round table discussions at the TALO Swap-Meet in Adelaide in March 2007.

This is an annual TALO event and your contributions in discussions , as a Contributor or in any support capacity would be greatly appreciated.

* Note : Alterations will occur in this blog to reflect the upcoming event and entries that point to FLNW 1 archives installed.