Saturday, September 29, 2007

Anne Paterson : Champion + .......Debonairs !

Anne Paterson a key innovator here in Australia has contributed to the FLNW2 initiative. This is a great step forward.

A massive thank you :-)

See the contributions list...anything added gets profile ...sponsors get key positions in this initiative.

I'm sitting here in Melbourne with Jacinta Gascoigne discussing the involvement of a young person to attend the FLNW2 trip to Thailand and also sponsorship deals with interested parties form creative industries in Australia.

Jacinta has agreed to speak with the Debonairs network regarding the support that is necessary to enable this young person to acompany the others attending the physical part of FLNW2. What we are now discussiing is ways to connect the creative industries and social networking side of the music industry and the educational networked learning community together via the FLNW2 initiative.

This is all making sense as we know young people particularly are the future of networked learning. They are growing up in a world which is also ours - no generational distinctions here.

The music industry is a massive part of online learning and it appears that we are about to get some key sponsorship from anumber of sources that will bring social networking platforms into this discussion.

Howard Rheingold

Howard will discuss critical issues such as:

  • what is the future going to look like in ten years?
  • what is the future of the Internet beyond web 2.0 and its impact on life, education and the workplace?
  • what is the impact of online social networks and virtual communities on the future?
  • will the new technologies determine a new economic system?
Seems to marry in with where FLNW2 is headed dosent it ?

I'll be here on Tuesday -

Sponsors Letter

Sent this out to a number of organizations today.

"......Hi [ insert name ],

We are seeking sponsorship to enable ten (10) physical participants to attend the FLNW2 trip to Thailand - more details available at

You will also notice that there is an online connections conference growing which will have a global presence and with many well known educators and online learning technologists speaking at the TCC Conference hosted by TALO - Teach and Learn Online

We are seeking an $825 USD sponsorship from [ insert name ] for an extensive form of web presence and the opportunity to participate as a key sponsor in all online and physical events organized by TALO in January 2007.

All documentation contains sponsors logos and contact information and a publication that synthesizes all digital data will be published in April 2008 relating to this conference which will also contain sponsors contributions and acknowledgments.

[Insert name ] can deposit money by PayPal directly to the ChipIn -

and FLNW are a collaborative, online and offline global network of educators examining ways to engage educational organizations in events that showcase creative industry and capacity.

We look forward to your return correspondence and your participation in this event......"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ISB : Bangkok : Dekita.

Great news from Kim Cofino tonight ( actually two days ago ) saying that the ISB : International School Bangkok have agreed to host an un-conferenced talking circle ( sheesh....what a mouthful) with those attending FLNW2.

This is a great move as it brings also about a link between Trish's kids in Parnngurr, Graham Wegner's students in South Australia and Kim's classes ( we hope ) in Bangkok.

I'm letting that bit flow as it does.

Thanks Kim. Thanks Bee.

It's a solid indication and a real link between this and Dekita's offer with Bee also who has indicated that Dekita is on board also. Just very, very brilliant :-)

I really would appreciate some assistance here as I'm feeling exhausted.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Yay !

Webheads are in and cookin'.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Beth Kanter

I'd just like to acknowledge the contribution made by Beth Kanter
to the FLNW2 ChipIn kitty.

We are along way off the mark to enable our eight "explorers" to reach the ground in Thailand however every contribution helps us on that journey. Any suggestions for sponsors folks ?

We have a great connected learning experience growing here so any suggestion would help us no end. rock :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ocean Browser : Sponsor

Ocean Browser has come onboard as an in-kind sponsor for the FLNW2 event both physical and virtual.

Rodney has introduced himself as;

"... In terms of information about me... I worked at the University of Otago for 10 years in Information Technology Services, Language Learning, and the Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC), before going out on my own 6 years ago. ....

Some details on Ocean Browser include;
:......OceanBrowser makes accessing distance delivered courses easy and efficient by distributing course content on DVD-ROM, with synchronous collaboration (chat, voip), updates and web applications (forums, wiki etc) accessible via the internet. Although we have a particular focus on distance and continuing medical education (CME), our approach and technologies are equally applicable to other disciplines.

Because students study offline, with internet access required only for collaborative activities such as audio conferencing, they can study when and where they want: OceanBrowser is a CME solution for both busy professionals on the move and those without regular internet access.

For course providers we offer an end-to-end service covering course consulting, content and learning-object development, editing, DVD mastering, replication and distribution, administration, and support. Virtual office technologies are used to facilitate day to day collaboration with course providers......"

Fantastic stuff Rodney. :-)

We look forward to connecting with the world and learning more about how your platform works.

Ps......has anybody got any idea what's happened to the ChipIn widget for the sidebar in this blog ? It seems to be invisible from this end so if you've got any ideas or want to go into the template and check ( there's eight registered authors in this blog and yet I'm the only one that seems to write anything in here ) please do so.

I'd really appreciate your help.

Smart Connections: TSA

This is a long shot but I'm giving it a go with Robin Eckermann's encouragement.

There is a $10,000 AUD prize for a paper which outlines ideas for sustainable living which is an underpinning theme with FLNW. The TSA prize has a few attributes that are out of my league however as always I'm prepared to give it a go and submit a paper that includes those who are part of TALO and FLNW.

Those of you with some writing experience and an interest in assisting FLNW2 to get off the ground ....would you be able to assist me ?

I've created a page where I'm editing and adding - can you do the same and by Sunday night we should have a paper to submit-

Think nuclear, global warming, smart connection behaviour, architecture, networked learning.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nowra : More Connections

I'm traveling in the car down to Nowra, NSW to meet with the YWCA group who are implementing the use of web 2.0 technology - Scott Dickenson.

It's amazing how small the world is when here I am in the front seat authoring a blog post and speaking with Anne Paterson and Scott about FLNW while their boss Caecilia Roth has just back from Kenya. It would seem that with the impetus of FLNW2 on the roll it's possible to connect many of these groups who have world wide open web publishing accord.

Stephanie Rieger's on board - woo hoo !

I'm stoked that I got a hold of Mark last night and was talking of his connections with JISC and the potential connections this would all bring to the FLNW group....tour.......ah for some sponsors now. Ok folks on the authoring list ....what are you up to at present ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Authors : Potential Connections

Mark Van Harmelen is seeking Thai school connections.....especially those geared up for a Linux journey. John Eyles is unexpectedly moving house.

Stephen Downes is our leading Chip In contributor.

Nancy's revved up Capetown University and we've got three hundred more hits via the FLNW Google group.

All that before our seven blog authors and eight pending blog authors have even said hello !

What do you think is our greatest challenge in getting enough sponsorship to send ten brave intrepid FLNW2 guinea pigs into the Mekong ? Will they come out alive ? How will they connect from remote and rural locations ?

Do you know any potetnial sponsors and can you steer them this way ? All this and more over at FLNW2 :-)

More Questions

More questions on who is doing what when it comes to organising online conferences and connections.

I've put together a response for Michael which may have some bearing on others....

"....Hi Michael,

Those interested in joining the FLNW2 discussion addressing the topics detailed, register by putting their names down as speakers in the TCC program, linking to their web profile and putting in their SL or Skype username. All they need is a Wikispace username to add / edit.

As we discussed we had plenty of feedback from others that suggested that WikiEducator may have lloked like a cool n' hip way of presernting information but overall was ttime consuming and confusing.

Those who wish to consume the TCC presentation ( audience ) take them self to that persons SL name > search or skype > search > add and it all flows from there. The conversation and discussions comes from the speaker managing others, not us managing others and also works in a networked mode accordingly.

The idea that a person at best manages up to 150 poeple in their network of contacts and around 10 core individuals (as raised by Jennifer Wilson at ninemsn ) seems to ring true and therefore makes it real by keeping it contacts to contacts. i dont know Vance nor he knows me so perhaps your contact with him is more pertinent ...if indeed this is of value to him to include him

I'm keen to flatten out this 'who invites whom where ' idea may well spread the word a little further and challenge others to think a little more laterally on utilising connections systems which didnt appear in last years e-world.

What do you reckon ? Are we ahead of ourselves here and do we need a a web author or can we all be one and do the work together ?


Maret Staron

Another letter sent out carefully scripted ...

".......Hi Maret,

As you well know TALO ( Teach and Learn Online ) has been a key "unofficial" resource and meeting ground for many Australian educators who live and breath all things networked learning.

I'd like to approach you about two things due to your interest in networked learning, life based learning and other areas of traction in e-learning in Australia....and the world.

Would you be interested in speaking at the TCC Conference ?

I would also like you to consider DEST inclusion in the area of organisations that support this initiative in principle. Icons / logos to appear here -

Your contribution ( sponsorship in kind ) is the network effect that your organisation would bring to this event.

Can you please consider this and let my know via alexanderhayes1969 - at-

Looking forward to your return correspondence..........."

Seems this is catching.

Robin Eckermann

Sponsor and inclusion letter to Robin Eckermann - Australia.

"............Hi Robin,

It's been a little while since we last chatted however I'd like to run two things past you.

Last year the TALO ( Teach and learn Online ) group organized an "un-conference" or series of traveling meetings / discussion/debates with education organizations in New Zealand which was a great success with many organizations coming on board as sponsors -

This year we are aiming to get to Thailand and would like to approach you about two things. Firstly we'd like to offer you a place in the online discussions which will happen throughout this trip in Thailand due to your interests in networks, connectivity and your relationship in the past with major access initiatives in Australia -

Secondly, we are seeking sponsors to come on board to assist those who have made the commitment to meeting with the Thai delegation throughout Bangkok and the Mekong.

Could you please contact me on my mobile contact or at alexanderhayes1969 - at - regarding this matter and to discuss this opportunity.

I look forward to your return correspondence......"

Relatively painless and may open some doors.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Kim's (key) note come back with interest of hosting a talking-circle with her school in Bangkok.

Some email transcipt from me ;

Thanks Kim !

We need space for 12 people or so to talk to your colleagues in a "talking-circle" rows ;-)

Topic : Living in a Networked World.....what's working and how can we help.

Time : 1/2 day - minimum two hours. ( day or night )

Address : We need your physical address

Date : Negotiable as per itinerary in FLNW2 wiki.

Confirmation: We would like confirmation from your school to use their icon / badge and point to their web address. We would include them in our Sponsors page in all TALO FLNW2 literature.

I hope this suits. Will be blogging this to FLNW2 blog.

Have added Justin to the TCC Conference presentations page.

Kim's invite;

Have a look at our school website and let me know what you think about coming up to ISB -


[ image : mobology ]

I'm sitting here in Canberra , Australia Airport with half a dozen "strikers" in full regalia standing over to my left ogling a couple of young student protestors on their way up to Sydney. Oh what mayhem this APEC meeting has caused, with the city locked off and images like the above commonplace.

One would think that we were under seige. Many Australians are angry at the manner in which they are being treated. Nuff' said on that one.

I've been down here presenting at the CIT National TAFE Construction Workshops with 120 big burly blokes ripping my presentation to bits and generally having a great time all-round. many of these guys are leading innovators in the use of mobile mesh networking and application development with mobile technology in the workplace.

On a far brighter and dynamic note I'm got confirmation that Bee is coming to Sydney !

On top of that we have Bronwyn Stuckey putting a definite bid on the FLNW2 participant page along with Rick Jenkins, Leigh Blackall etc. The TCC Conference is revving up also with it almost at it's own living organic stage much like what FLNW1 became last year.

Woo hoo ! Just noticed that Nancy has added her name to the definite on the ground list. That's awesome.

I'm also getting a whole heap of responses coming in from potential sponsors from worldwide and contacts which are begining to network the idea and come to the party.

John Eyle's is working on the itinerary which is to appear in the FLNW wikispace shortly which is malleable to a point. We have till the end of October to get it into "official" shape for the ten or so people on the ground heading to Thailand.

My ideas are just building on the efforts of others that include;

  • 24 hour connection space between TALO and FLNW via the TCC Conference space through 16 -1 4 Jan. 2008
  • 10 key ( connect ) note guest speakers - that's one per day coming into FLNW plus many guest speakers ....add your name and your game. The topic is living in a networked world and anything else that takes your fancy without railroading the show.
  • sponsor inclusion in all TALO literature online and offline at $825 USD - we just need you to use the ChipIn feature in this blog and we will begin immediate use of your selected icons and online profiles that you nominate
  • all contributors BIG and smallwill be acknowledged via the contributors page in FLNW wiki page - the page is constructed in ascending order with largest donations at the top and smallest at the exacts given......all contributions are important. Thank you Stephen Downes for the biggest contribution to date :-)
  • Kim Confino is coming as a guest speaker from Bangkok as part of FLNW2.....thanks to msconfino for confirmation
The TCC Conference brings and invites all interested individuals and organisation to contribute a one hour presentation with an hour discussion following......please follow the format as it appears in the TCC Conference page.

Sponsors will be noted prominently in all TCC and FLNW online and offline environments. It's time now to chat with your networks and bring them on in.

Let's skype soon. Add me : mobology

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

SL : TCC Conference

Well here I am in SecondLife over at jokaydia with Gnu Curry, Corwin Carrilon, jokay Wollongong and Sean McDunnough rezzing some pretty phreeky stuff like itchyanus moves and pole dancing with a follow-on monkey.

While some of the rest of the team decide whether FLNW2 on the ground is the go we are getting some names into the TCC page over in the Wikispace. Seems with audio in SL it should be easy to get things happening and backing to Alado and Skype otherwise.

It was so cool to catch with GNU Chris who is super super GNU and sheesh........Stephan Bethune has arrived.....Marsu Zenovka's here .....speak soon.....byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

TCC - TALO Connections Conference 2008

After discussions with Leigh today and a great Skypecast with John Eyles and Graham from EON I'm feeling a little more at ease with the links and process with getting FLNW2 connected.

Leigh and I mooted the TCC idea again and then I decided it was time to roll with the idea and quit yabbering on about it....get some words down and connections happening. So far we have had an awesome response with three people notioning acceptance to key note as part of a group of 8 - 10 keynotes as part of the TCC TALO Connection Conference 2008.

The TCC event will run 24/7 for 10 days.

Essentially if forms the core "wing" of the online component for the FLNW event and considering time differences and connection availabilities already established it seems possible to connect those on the ground with those virtual so to speak.

Kim Confino and Jo Kay have both joined Mark A. Kramer in fronting up this initiative and I'm confident the other day programs will fill quickly. Mark is off the MobMundi conference in Singapore where Kim has come from and Jo seems to be every where at once !

I'm looking forward to hearing back from Kim regarding her organizations part in the FLNW experience.

Teemu Lieonen also popped his head in to say he was interested however he's moving from Bogota to NYC ? ....a definite onliner though.

Still waiting for some definite moves from the others who have their heads up in the WikiEducator wiki. Need some indications folks or please shift your status from participant to contributor soon :-)

Your role in the virtual connection will be critical.

Realism : $1200 USD

Looks like we will get FLNW particpants in at cost for $1200 USD.

John skyped me and it's all go !

This is more like it in my estimations and considering the efforts John's gone to get this rolling then it rings ok with me.

Here's what Graham and John have negotiated.....
1. We can do for $1200. Less flying, cheaper hotels, second class train sleepers. No problem for 2 weeks.......( that's $600 USD a week with many contingency's built in )

2. Why an agent?

We'll North by Northeast is a ma and pa company not a large conglomerate, they are socially concerned and have inside knowledge. I'd rather that travel for 14 is all organized rather than arrive at the train station and find we'd picked a bad day and all the seats had gone a week ago. Also having a local speaking guide and a minibus from time to time is nice. Let's see what they can offer us - I think the small fee will be worth the smoothness to allow us to get on.

My colleague from EON Graham is keen to join us, also Merin from EON Thailand.

What we really need now is a list of people and organizations that the FLNW2 group already know and suggest that we visit. We can then schedule itinerary accordingly.

My initial thoughts are 3-4 days in Bangkok - with a little time to see the grand palace and other sites but mainly unconference with American schools, British Council, a university - then 4 -5 days in the SUT region visiting high schools, and more unconference, then down to Ubon and across to Lao for 4 to 5 days in one area, then night train back to Bangkok.

Confirmation : 4 FLNW2's

Four people have now confirmed definite attendance at FLNW2 meeting in Bangkok on the 16th January 2008.

See the participants blogroll for 2008.

It's growing.

I've just got off a Twitter "conversation with Kim Confino who is a teacher and cool cat in Bangkok. I'm hoping we can bring in Kim's organization into FLNW 2. More on that one as it emerges.

I've Skyped with Leigh Blackall today and it looks like the TALO Connections Conference 2008 will be a goer. I would really like to get some contacts for Vance from Abu Dubai and see whether we can bring in the Webheads group as a support for the online component of FLNW2.

I'm still getting feedback that a "planned" itinerary that posits people in places not yet being communicated with as being off the mark. We need a critical discussion on this one and I'll get some news into the FLNW Google group on that thought today....actually I did yesterday so give me some feedback on that one.

Check the FLNW Wikispace also cause that's where we'd like to get contributor presence as the feedback is that WikiEducator is too cumbersome for fast edits.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Confirmation of Attendance : Sponsors

Last night I sat up till 12.30 am following up on what I said I would with John Eyles re: FLNW2.

We spoke of costs per participants coming in at $1200 - $1400 USD per participant not the $2020 USD amount first mooted.

I have sent receipts to our 5 ChipIn contributors via the official PayPal receipt return.

ChipIn contributors will be honored in our contributors page located here -

Many thanks to Nancy White and Stephen Downes for getting this started. Check this page for who contributes from where ;-)

Only names and connections will be added because no matter how small the contribution it all counts to the final enterprise.

EON Foundation has come on board as the first sponsor in-kind. The profile of EON's contributions will be articulated via the link to a wikieducator page keeping track of contributions to date - see

I've received confirmation of via the Google group that 12 particpants have said a definite yes to attendance with Trish everrett saying she has already purchased her ticket to Thailand via Perth, Western Australia.

Mark van Harmelen has noted he is approaching Thai consulates and contacts his way.

I'm keen to get a message to Vance from Webheads to officially confirm whether we can conduct the TALO Connections Conference 2008 via that platform.

I've got to go and pick up Jane from the hospital and bring home my little boy Ethan for the first time so I'll be in contact shortly.

A confirmation of attendance letter has been sent out to officially welcome those who have noted this participant status in the wiki and I'm awaiting 100% confirmation and then will enter their details in this blog to your right :-)

It's all go and I'm happy.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lift Off !

Thanks to Nancy White and Stephen Downes ( and two other people who
may wish to remain anonymous) we have lift off for FLNW2 !

$190 USD in a day !

As this is a TALO initiative and is an opportunity to assist other
colleagues worldwide by engaging in critical discourse around the use
of iCT's in education it will be greatly appreciated that TALO members
find a way into the proceedings which are begining to shape up as
listed below.

Now with a budget (begining) and a commitment from 12 people to go to
Thailand 16 - 24th January we can begin constructing with Michael
Coughlan, John and those interested in;

1. Setting up a company account that all funds contributed via the
ChipIn profile can be acquitted against. Contributions will be
forwarded from my PayPal account straight to the FLNW2 fund and used
both to support those attending the FLNW2 physically and the
reciprocal return Thai contingent.

2. Motivating others to consider supporting the FLNW2 trip by getting
their sponsor icons into the blog and into all literature online /
offline for FLNW2. Cost for an icon is $1000 AUD which is about $820
USD. A FLNW2 Lulu production will also contain acknowledgment of those
who have contributed no matter how small into the FLNW2 ChipIn fund.

3. Communicating through the EON Foundation with school, training
centres, universities etc. for spaces to conduct workshops, talks,
meetings in unconference mode.

4. Setting up with Vance from WebHeads conference platforms where
guest key notes and speakers will connect with the FLNW2 group and
those coming into contact with the group in Thailand

5. Working on getting an open grant "application" completed with
Brent's help over at WikiEducator and using this open profile to make
application for support in all countries involved.
Better get back to bathing this newborn.

Looking forward to your feedback.