Tuesday, September 04, 2007

SL : TCC Conference

Well here I am in SecondLife over at jokaydia with Gnu Curry, Corwin Carrilon, jokay Wollongong and Sean McDunnough rezzing some pretty phreeky stuff like itchyanus moves and pole dancing with a follow-on monkey.

While some of the rest of the team decide whether FLNW2 on the ground is the go we are getting some names into the TCC page over in the Wikispace. Seems with audio in SL it should be easy to get things happening and backing to Alado and Skype otherwise.

It was so cool to catch with GNU Chris who is super super GNU and sheesh........Stephan Bethune has arrived.....Marsu Zenovka's here .....speak soon.....byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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