Monday, September 03, 2007

TCC - TALO Connections Conference 2008

After discussions with Leigh today and a great Skypecast with John Eyles and Graham from EON I'm feeling a little more at ease with the links and process with getting FLNW2 connected.

Leigh and I mooted the TCC idea again and then I decided it was time to roll with the idea and quit yabbering on about it....get some words down and connections happening. So far we have had an awesome response with three people notioning acceptance to key note as part of a group of 8 - 10 keynotes as part of the TCC TALO Connection Conference 2008.

The TCC event will run 24/7 for 10 days.

Essentially if forms the core "wing" of the online component for the FLNW event and considering time differences and connection availabilities already established it seems possible to connect those on the ground with those virtual so to speak.

Kim Confino and Jo Kay have both joined Mark A. Kramer in fronting up this initiative and I'm confident the other day programs will fill quickly. Mark is off the MobMundi conference in Singapore where Kim has come from and Jo seems to be every where at once !

I'm looking forward to hearing back from Kim regarding her organizations part in the FLNW experience.

Teemu Lieonen also popped his head in to say he was interested however he's moving from Bogota to NYC ? ....a definite onliner though.

Still waiting for some definite moves from the others who have their heads up in the WikiEducator wiki. Need some indications folks or please shift your status from participant to contributor soon :-)

Your role in the virtual connection will be critical.

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