Friday, September 07, 2007


Kim's (key) note come back with interest of hosting a talking-circle with her school in Bangkok.

Some email transcipt from me ;

Thanks Kim !

We need space for 12 people or so to talk to your colleagues in a "talking-circle" rows ;-)

Topic : Living in a Networked World.....what's working and how can we help.

Time : 1/2 day - minimum two hours. ( day or night )

Address : We need your physical address

Date : Negotiable as per itinerary in FLNW2 wiki.

Confirmation: We would like confirmation from your school to use their icon / badge and point to their web address. We would include them in our Sponsors page in all TALO FLNW2 literature.

I hope this suits. Will be blogging this to FLNW2 blog.

Have added Justin to the TCC Conference presentations page.

Kim's invite;

Have a look at our school website and let me know what you think about coming up to ISB -

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