Monday, September 10, 2007

Maret Staron

Another letter sent out carefully scripted ...

".......Hi Maret,

As you well know TALO ( Teach and Learn Online ) has been a key "unofficial" resource and meeting ground for many Australian educators who live and breath all things networked learning.

I'd like to approach you about two things due to your interest in networked learning, life based learning and other areas of traction in e-learning in Australia....and the world.

Would you be interested in speaking at the TCC Conference ?

I would also like you to consider DEST inclusion in the area of organisations that support this initiative in principle. Icons / logos to appear here -

Your contribution ( sponsorship in kind ) is the network effect that your organisation would bring to this event.

Can you please consider this and let my know via alexanderhayes1969 - at-

Looking forward to your return correspondence..........."

Seems this is catching.

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