Monday, September 03, 2007

Realism : $1200 USD

Looks like we will get FLNW particpants in at cost for $1200 USD.

John skyped me and it's all go !

This is more like it in my estimations and considering the efforts John's gone to get this rolling then it rings ok with me.

Here's what Graham and John have negotiated.....
1. We can do for $1200. Less flying, cheaper hotels, second class train sleepers. No problem for 2 weeks.......( that's $600 USD a week with many contingency's built in )

2. Why an agent?

We'll North by Northeast is a ma and pa company not a large conglomerate, they are socially concerned and have inside knowledge. I'd rather that travel for 14 is all organized rather than arrive at the train station and find we'd picked a bad day and all the seats had gone a week ago. Also having a local speaking guide and a minibus from time to time is nice. Let's see what they can offer us - I think the small fee will be worth the smoothness to allow us to get on.

My colleague from EON Graham is keen to join us, also Merin from EON Thailand.

What we really need now is a list of people and organizations that the FLNW2 group already know and suggest that we visit. We can then schedule itinerary accordingly.

My initial thoughts are 3-4 days in Bangkok - with a little time to see the grand palace and other sites but mainly unconference with American schools, British Council, a university - then 4 -5 days in the SUT region visiting high schools, and more unconference, then down to Ubon and across to Lao for 4 to 5 days in one area, then night train back to Bangkok.

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