Monday, September 10, 2007

More Questions

More questions on who is doing what when it comes to organising online conferences and connections.

I've put together a response for Michael which may have some bearing on others....

"....Hi Michael,

Those interested in joining the FLNW2 discussion addressing the topics detailed, register by putting their names down as speakers in the TCC program, linking to their web profile and putting in their SL or Skype username. All they need is a Wikispace username to add / edit.

As we discussed we had plenty of feedback from others that suggested that WikiEducator may have lloked like a cool n' hip way of presernting information but overall was ttime consuming and confusing.

Those who wish to consume the TCC presentation ( audience ) take them self to that persons SL name > search or skype > search > add and it all flows from there. The conversation and discussions comes from the speaker managing others, not us managing others and also works in a networked mode accordingly.

The idea that a person at best manages up to 150 poeple in their network of contacts and around 10 core individuals (as raised by Jennifer Wilson at ninemsn ) seems to ring true and therefore makes it real by keeping it contacts to contacts. i dont know Vance nor he knows me so perhaps your contact with him is more pertinent ...if indeed this is of value to him to include him

I'm keen to flatten out this 'who invites whom where ' idea may well spread the word a little further and challenge others to think a little more laterally on utilising connections systems which didnt appear in last years e-world.

What do you reckon ? Are we ahead of ourselves here and do we need a a web author or can we all be one and do the work together ?


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