Saturday, September 29, 2007

Anne Paterson : Champion + .......Debonairs !

Anne Paterson a key innovator here in Australia has contributed to the FLNW2 initiative. This is a great step forward.

A massive thank you :-)

See the contributions list...anything added gets profile ...sponsors get key positions in this initiative.

I'm sitting here in Melbourne with Jacinta Gascoigne discussing the involvement of a young person to attend the FLNW2 trip to Thailand and also sponsorship deals with interested parties form creative industries in Australia.

Jacinta has agreed to speak with the Debonairs network regarding the support that is necessary to enable this young person to acompany the others attending the physical part of FLNW2. What we are now discussiing is ways to connect the creative industries and social networking side of the music industry and the educational networked learning community together via the FLNW2 initiative.

This is all making sense as we know young people particularly are the future of networked learning. They are growing up in a world which is also ours - no generational distinctions here.

The music industry is a massive part of online learning and it appears that we are about to get some key sponsorship from anumber of sources that will bring social networking platforms into this discussion.

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