Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lift Off !

Thanks to Nancy White and Stephen Downes ( and two other people who
may wish to remain anonymous) we have lift off for FLNW2 !

$190 USD in a day !

As this is a TALO initiative and is an opportunity to assist other
colleagues worldwide by engaging in critical discourse around the use
of iCT's in education it will be greatly appreciated that TALO members
find a way into the proceedings which are begining to shape up as
listed below.

Now with a budget (begining) and a commitment from 12 people to go to
Thailand 16 - 24th January we can begin constructing with Michael
Coughlan, John and those interested in;

1. Setting up a company account that all funds contributed via the
ChipIn profile can be acquitted against. Contributions will be
forwarded from my PayPal account straight to the FLNW2 fund and used
both to support those attending the FLNW2 physically and the
reciprocal return Thai contingent.

2. Motivating others to consider supporting the FLNW2 trip by getting
their sponsor icons into the blog and into all literature online /
offline for FLNW2. Cost for an icon is $1000 AUD which is about $820
USD. A FLNW2 Lulu production will also contain acknowledgment of those
who have contributed no matter how small into the FLNW2 ChipIn fund.

3. Communicating through the EON Foundation with school, training
centres, universities etc. for spaces to conduct workshops, talks,
meetings in unconference mode.

4. Setting up with Vance from WebHeads conference platforms where
guest key notes and speakers will connect with the FLNW2 group and
those coming into contact with the group in Thailand

5. Working on getting an open grant "application" completed with
Brent's help over at WikiEducator and using this open profile to make
application for support in all countries involved.
Better get back to bathing this newborn.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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