Sunday, August 26, 2007

ChipIn : Do Your Bit

Just got off a Skype conversation with Leigh who suggested a few changes to this blog and stated that he's just sitting back and waiting to see what's going to happen with FLNW2.

Fair enough....he's on his way to the altar and the last FLNW near killed him.

Well, I'm doing my bit and come Jan. 16 I'll either be sunning myself on some tourist beach in Thailand or I'll be hanging out with John and getting to know the locals with Trish who will be with me.

I'd like to think that some of the TALO crowd will be accompanying us and others connecting virtually.

You'll notice that we have spots in the FLNW2 blog for sponsor icons - $1000 AUD - and if you wish to be acknowledged as a TALO FLNW supporter then why not chip ....anything will help those who have dedicated their time and effort to ensure we have a contingent departing physically for FLNW2 and that we have support for an exchange party coming back this way later in 2008.

I'm trying to get a hold of both John Eyles and Michael C. so if anyone gets a chance can they please alert either that new things are afoot for FLNW2.

Much appreciated.


Nancy White said...

I just made my donation. Eagerly awaiting the bar moving from the left of the chip in widget towards the right, even if tiny bit by tiny bit.

Leigh Blackall said...

hmmm, how long should it take you think? Eagerly awaiting prrof that it works!

alexanderhayes said...

I've been informed from PayPal that it takes four working days to appear in ChipIn.

I'll chase this down till we see the bar raised.....thanks Nancy for raising the bar for FLNW2.

We have a budget and it will increase markedly shortly :0(

Nancy White said...

Well, I'll keep checking back. I love it when fundraising thermometers go up. I am also blogging and posting the chipin widget in my blog post. Just waiting for the oh-so-slow Blogger FTP to happen. It will be on