Thursday, August 27, 2009

Touch Down | Take Off

[ image : leighblackall ]

As the FLNW3 crew touchdown back in NZ, Australia, America and so on there are another bunch of TALOians about to take off.

Likewise the whole concept will be on the discussion agenda at MobilizeThis2009.

So much for preserving the planet one might say. Indeed it's foremost in my mind so thats I suppose why I'm making best use of minimal web connections to bring the stories around full loop and make something from it all.

I'm heading through to the GNI Symposium with John and at this late hour and when I should be in bed I'm thinking to myself that it would be great to get some reflections conversation happening with Leigh & Sunshine in Dunedin as well as some connected online convresation going with others who werent able ( nor privileged enough ) to travel the distance to the big great land of the long white chemtrails.

This beautiful rare 2007 Tony Moody Shiraz I'm drinking is helping ease the guilt somewhat though :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Round 3

[image : leighblackall ]

Stephan and I spoke tonight somewhat briefly of the current FLNW3 consortium.....appreciatively, reflectively.....with a considered and mindful series of recollections of times had and shared from similar such events in the past.

I've followed the Flickr feed, watched the wiki grow, listen to mutterings in Twitter and been sent the odd snippets via email and up to now havent felt compelled to say much until tonight.

It's good to see Leigh, Sunshine, Nancy, Micahel, Derek etc. enjoying each others company and really great to see some visuals of other parts of the world I'm yet to visit. It's also a powerful set of concepts and ideas being thrashed about in the context of the conversations that are bound to be shared as a result of the trip.

So despite my musings in the past as to whether electronica had a soul it seems that the myth of the perpetual white holiday is exactly that. We are glad to see things have deepened beyond travel notes and even better to "feel" that things are connected.

".......Connection, even love, sustains over distance when we make the choice and
intent to do so. "

Nancy White
Seattle 2009