Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Undecided Future

[image : infocult ]

Perhaps the future of learning in a networked world is a soul-less , shallow series of machine mediated interactions purporting to actualize the occasional snippet of human interaction.

Pass the coke please......that's my pizza your eating.

Maybe Prensky was seriously deluded.

Copyleft....a dream.

Whatever your take, the last month has been a series of interconnected discords, unrequited expectation, accountable and impassioned pleas for conversation beyond the cold hard rhetoric of compliances.

Time to load to Flickr.

Sort the artifacts.

Live as humans who have not yet decided what the future of learning in a networked world holds for educators and those privileged to share time and space together as we have done whether physical or virtual......or both.

Shout outs.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

Right ..the future ahead is of social networkings..and the IMs are all set to replaced by conferencing tools as Webex, Gotomeeting..I am already on
www.rhubcom.com for all biz purposes and soon to replaced Skype too for personal purposes.