Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FLNW08 - How Was It For You ?

[ image : mobology ]

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Michael and I stood on the balcony of this Melbourne motel room the other day and recounted what went right ( and wrong and in between ) over the last 6 months with FLNW.

Quite frankly, I'm exhausted.

Melborne for me has been the highlight. Why ?

Because I was able to put face to names, eat dinner and laugh, recount and interrogate exactly what it means to live and learn in this networked world.

For me FLNW has been a massive learning curve. As I stated at the Linux 2008 conference here yesterday, everytime I attempted to do anything FLNW slipped away from me like a oil covered swine on a slippery slope.

TALO has remained elusive. FLNW has only hastened my enquiry as to what it means to live in a networked world.

I take nothing for granted. The human connections are what mattered most for me.

You mean the most to me.

Bugger this technology that seems to want to taunt us though :)

Over and out.

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