Monday, January 14, 2008

Transcribing Leo and Alex

Well, it turns out that it was Leo Laoshi from China is the one who started us off in the online conference for FLNW with his recorded discussion with Alexander Hayes. I was actually quite moved to hear Leo's voice at long last as it has added a whole new dimension to my sense of connection with him.

I think it is entirely appropriate that it was Leo that kicked us off in the conference. He has been active in TALO for some time now, and has really shared himself and his work with his students, and we have helped him along with moral and technical support. This FLNW2 is all about reaching out with our network, finding and strengthening new connections, and that is exactly what we've done from day one.

We tried for hours to work out a way to get a live connection, but in the end we decided we had to go with an audio recording due to all the barriers to forming a live connection. Alex called him up on Gtalk and recorded a conversation with him which is well worth the listen. I have started transcribing the audio into text on a wiki, so you can help out with that. Concentrating on the words for purposes of getting a transcription adds another dimension to the experience and what we can get out of this too.

Many thanks Leo, I hope you'll remain closely connected with us through the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on the itinerary for what's coming up next. It is typically changing by the minute and at the last minute, so keep refreshing the page for the latest info, and keep an eye on this blog for announcements and summaries.

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