Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friends & Travelling Companions

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Check out Michel's hipcast.

Now that's what I call a fine dinner.

I would have dearly loved to be there to share in the festivities and to engage with others as friends and travelling companions for FLNW2 I am celebrating the coming together of a part of my large extended family in Sydney.

I'm here with my brother David, my partner Jane, my son Ethan , my daughter Amelia Manon, my niece Micaela and my Mother and Father. It's a rare moment but a special and important one.

I'm so glad that Trish, Vance , Michael and John managed to get to trip up the Mekong as planned. For me it's the culmination of an idea and an important milestone in making something possible to bring people together who value world connections and collective knowledge as part of teaching and learning.

Have a cold one for me folks. :)

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