Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Virtual FLNW2

Janet Hawtin and I had a chat regarding some possible speaking points for the virtual component of FLNW2 in January.

As I will be presenting at the Linux Conference in Melbourne in late January we thought it would be good to bring in something about ;

* uses of open licensing in SL
* open ness - value, ethics and integrity in virtual worlds
* contention and/with collaboration in virtual worlds

That way we can avail the mini-conf participants with some of the reflections on the FLNW2 trip and perhaps this will trigger some deeper thoughts on where we are at for things to come bringing physical and virtual spaces and places together in the future.

I'll be presenting with Kim Flintoff at the upcoming NMC Conference also around the themes of organisational server}tude so this is sure to be an inetersting end to 2007 and entry to 2008.