Monday, July 24, 2006

Now confirming participation and starting the conference

So a couple of weeks ago, I sent out notice that we had raised the money to pay for the flights - many thanks to those who have contributed - we will be sending out invoices shortly asking for payment into the trust fund we have set up, some may have already received this. When those are paid I will post special thanks, linking to your organisation and/or project - please email me your preference if you are sponsoring this event.

A few of the participants have contacted me to confirm their attendance. I am just waiting on a few stragglers to do the same before I can pass a list of names to the tourism department to start coordination of the tour. Please note the list of confirmed names down the right hand column of the blog. I have promised to send out letters of formal invite to those who's bosses require it - sorry for the delay on that, to speed that up it would be very helpful if you could draft me up something and I will fill in the blanks. Email me that draft off list to leighblackall[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Some keen cookies have even contacted me to propose ideas for our event. That's great! Remembering that this is an open space conference, meaning my role is to get the money and coordinate the admin - your role is to decide the formats and events that take place. So, that's what the wiki is for. If you have an idea - or something you'd like to see happen in this conference, please add a link to the wiki and describe it in there. I will watch the space and back anything up with announcements here. That includes people who we are visiting. Start a page for your leg of the journey and add the things you'd like to try and do. As a group we can bounce ideas and make it work. I've started by adding an evening cruise on the Monarch to see the Albatross and Penguin colonies and a train ride from Dunedin.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let's go

I think its safe to say that we will have enough money for the airfares. We have set up a trust fund and are currently invoicing those who have offered support. We are not yet home and hosed however, and are now chasing funds for accommodation, food and transport. I am confident we will raise the rest of the money.

Could our invites please email me off list:
  1. names as they appear on passports
  2. passport numbers
  3. preferred airport of departure and return
  4. the dates you need to leave and return (arriving Dunedin Sept 18, departing Wellington Sept 29 - or dates within that range)
  5. any special considerations we need to be aware of
We are kicking off on September 18 in Dunedin, and finishing September 29 in Wellington, traveling to some lovely New Zealand destinations along the way. I will pass your details on to the Tourism department who will book flights and prepare itineries.

Hope we're all still keen! Its gunna be great :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Otago University set for support

The Otago University is set to support the conference financially and with Russell Butson, a researcher from the University with a focus on learner centered approaches to education. Russell will be a great asset to the project as he not only shares an interest in the topic but can also bring the Otago Polytechnic and University stake in this event closer and more aligned.

So far Russell has taken on the responsibility of graphically designing a paper proposal for corporate and further public sponsorship. We have also discussed the possibility of applying for research together - looking at the extra curricula features of location - such as Dunedin - and what influence or not a future of networked will have on that.

Russell will also bring other Otago University researchers to the event. Watch the wiki for aditional names of participation.

It is very encouraging to have Russell on board with us.