Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let's go

I think its safe to say that we will have enough money for the airfares. We have set up a trust fund and are currently invoicing those who have offered support. We are not yet home and hosed however, and are now chasing funds for accommodation, food and transport. I am confident we will raise the rest of the money.

Could our invites please email me off list:
  1. names as they appear on passports
  2. passport numbers
  3. preferred airport of departure and return
  4. the dates you need to leave and return (arriving Dunedin Sept 18, departing Wellington Sept 29 - or dates within that range)
  5. any special considerations we need to be aware of
We are kicking off on September 18 in Dunedin, and finishing September 29 in Wellington, traveling to some lovely New Zealand destinations along the way. I will pass your details on to the Tourism department who will book flights and prepare itineries.

Hope we're all still keen! Its gunna be great :)

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Wytze Koopal said...

What a great concept you have here, Leigh. Didnt have time to follow what you where doing, but this is great!