Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Otago University set for support

The Otago University is set to support the conference financially and with Russell Butson, a researcher from the University with a focus on learner centered approaches to education. Russell will be a great asset to the project as he not only shares an interest in the topic but can also bring the Otago Polytechnic and University stake in this event closer and more aligned.

So far Russell has taken on the responsibility of graphically designing a paper proposal for corporate and further public sponsorship. We have also discussed the possibility of applying for research together - looking at the extra curricula features of location - such as Dunedin - and what influence or not a future of networked will have on that.

Russell will also bring other Otago University researchers to the event. Watch the wiki for aditional names of participation.

It is very encouraging to have Russell on board with us.

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