Thursday, January 17, 2008

/GN : Fireside Stories

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Digging a little deeper into the concept as to what it means to be living in a networked world has led us to render all things leet as we reach that time of the week to talk beyond day jobs and get truly connected........links discussed include:

Janet -

Alex -

Conversation went.....

balance between making things happen and making particpation and leadership easy
or sommat
Sent at 11:47 PM on Wednesday
me: sommat
making FLNW2 happen was like pulling teeth
plenty of screaming
Janet: hee
me: from me mostly
it was a lesson
Janet: i think people are like me
me: in patience mostly
Janet: listening to so much and doing whatever day job is big
me: jobs are disrupting real work getting done
Janet: im on too many lists
me: I'm just a soup
Janet: lots of people want design work done
and i cant
me: with a fly on the surface begging for attention
quote of the year
I can do design work
thats my passion
it's the monkey business that pays in nuts
ps. can I quote the last twenty or so lines here ?
Janet: /me scrolls up
me: it kind of encapsulates the power of how much networking is actually undoing things now
the swamped look
blank blogs
Janet: i think it is that there are efficiencies in not knowing
and we are figuring out for ourselves how to be effective and to be able to hear
me: micro-mashing, tripping over logins and paswords
in amongst so much noicse
woop woop woop
heavy din of traffic cascading through the crinkly concoids of the mind
Janet: yup
taffy in my mind alrighty
me: trying to make sense where non-sense is rewarded most highly
speaking of which I'm sleep deprived
quotes the last / 40
Janet: i listen more and post less now. perhaps that is age. i try to make the things i say useful
me: gn

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