Monday, January 07, 2008

Wiki clean up

I dunno about you lot, but the wiki was freaking me out. Every time I looked at it I got confused. There seemed to be a lot of double up, and room for simplification, so that's what I did, consolidated and simplified.

There is now a main menu across the top of every page. There are essentially 3 main pages to the FLNW2 wiki, home; participants; and itinerary. I've added a link to this blog and the email forum as well, so the full navigation is:


  • Home contains intro, history and sponsors of 2008.
  • Participants contains details of everyone who is or wants to be involved.. Get you name in there now!
  • Itinerary is the one stop place for everything that is happening day by day. The Google Calendar would have been good, and maybe someone will help keep it up to date, but I think in terms of it being simple for anyone to add an itinerary item, and for it all to be in one place - the wiki is easy enough.
  • The blog obviously goes out to the blog, and I hope that Alex and anyone else who wants to maintain this main channel for reportage will use it more that the email forum. So, announcements, summaries and reporting to the blog.. discussion and where necessary, copy pasted blog posts to the email forum.

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