Monday, January 14, 2008

More Evidence

[image : stephendownes ]

More evidence that groups, networks and some on are all just a mass of individual and self assertive individuals who occasionally get things happening together without too much friction or politics.

I still see many new things in Stephen's whiteboard rendition from 2006.

A friend today hearing of my plight between trying to help others and getting in the way reminded me of two things which were totally unrelated to the subject matter however they made great sense ;

".......I think it is good to accept our sensuous nature - I have written on my bathroom scales: 'without my greed and lust I would be lichen whether I like it or not' and the Buddha said: 'to the first beings even the rocks tasted sweet'

I screwed up today with my UTC times and we now will have to reconvene a few things but hopefully those involved will understand that this traveling roadshow is a joint responsibility and without that collaborative spirit we'd all be bunkered down and blogging mindless dribble otherwise......perhaps....speak for yourself Alex you might say.

A rock I am....I wonder what Budha would say of me at the moment.

Zen is what Bee reckons.

Thanks to Stephan for his great recordings;

Stephan Ridgway and I chatting about FLNW2 - download

Stephan Ridgway and leo Wong connecting about FLNW2 - download.

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