Friday, September 07, 2007


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I'm sitting here in Canberra , Australia Airport with half a dozen "strikers" in full regalia standing over to my left ogling a couple of young student protestors on their way up to Sydney. Oh what mayhem this APEC meeting has caused, with the city locked off and images like the above commonplace.

One would think that we were under seige. Many Australians are angry at the manner in which they are being treated. Nuff' said on that one.

I've been down here presenting at the CIT National TAFE Construction Workshops with 120 big burly blokes ripping my presentation to bits and generally having a great time all-round. many of these guys are leading innovators in the use of mobile mesh networking and application development with mobile technology in the workplace.

On a far brighter and dynamic note I'm got confirmation that Bee is coming to Sydney !

On top of that we have Bronwyn Stuckey putting a definite bid on the FLNW2 participant page along with Rick Jenkins, Leigh Blackall etc. The TCC Conference is revving up also with it almost at it's own living organic stage much like what FLNW1 became last year.

Woo hoo ! Just noticed that Nancy has added her name to the definite on the ground list. That's awesome.

I'm also getting a whole heap of responses coming in from potential sponsors from worldwide and contacts which are begining to network the idea and come to the party.

John Eyle's is working on the itinerary which is to appear in the FLNW wikispace shortly which is malleable to a point. We have till the end of October to get it into "official" shape for the ten or so people on the ground heading to Thailand.

My ideas are just building on the efforts of others that include;

  • 24 hour connection space between TALO and FLNW via the TCC Conference space through 16 -1 4 Jan. 2008
  • 10 key ( connect ) note guest speakers - that's one per day coming into FLNW plus many guest speakers ....add your name and your game. The topic is living in a networked world and anything else that takes your fancy without railroading the show.
  • sponsor inclusion in all TALO literature online and offline at $825 USD - we just need you to use the ChipIn feature in this blog and we will begin immediate use of your selected icons and online profiles that you nominate
  • all contributors BIG and smallwill be acknowledged via the contributors page in FLNW wiki page - the page is constructed in ascending order with largest donations at the top and smallest at the exacts given......all contributions are important. Thank you Stephen Downes for the biggest contribution to date :-)
  • Kim Confino is coming as a guest speaker from Bangkok as part of FLNW2.....thanks to msconfino for confirmation
The TCC Conference brings and invites all interested individuals and organisation to contribute a one hour presentation with an hour discussion following......please follow the format as it appears in the TCC Conference page.

Sponsors will be noted prominently in all TCC and FLNW online and offline environments. It's time now to chat with your networks and bring them on in.

Let's skype soon. Add me : mobology

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