Monday, September 03, 2007

Confirmation : 4 FLNW2's

Four people have now confirmed definite attendance at FLNW2 meeting in Bangkok on the 16th January 2008.

See the participants blogroll for 2008.

It's growing.

I've just got off a Twitter "conversation with Kim Confino who is a teacher and cool cat in Bangkok. I'm hoping we can bring in Kim's organization into FLNW 2. More on that one as it emerges.

I've Skyped with Leigh Blackall today and it looks like the TALO Connections Conference 2008 will be a goer. I would really like to get some contacts for Vance from Abu Dubai and see whether we can bring in the Webheads group as a support for the online component of FLNW2.

I'm still getting feedback that a "planned" itinerary that posits people in places not yet being communicated with as being off the mark. We need a critical discussion on this one and I'll get some news into the FLNW Google group on that thought today....actually I did yesterday so give me some feedback on that one.

Check the FLNW Wikispace also cause that's where we'd like to get contributor presence as the feedback is that WikiEducator is too cumbersome for fast edits.

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