Monday, September 10, 2007

Robin Eckermann

Sponsor and inclusion letter to Robin Eckermann - Australia.

"............Hi Robin,

It's been a little while since we last chatted however I'd like to run two things past you.

Last year the TALO ( Teach and learn Online ) group organized an "un-conference" or series of traveling meetings / discussion/debates with education organizations in New Zealand which was a great success with many organizations coming on board as sponsors -

This year we are aiming to get to Thailand and would like to approach you about two things. Firstly we'd like to offer you a place in the online discussions which will happen throughout this trip in Thailand due to your interests in networks, connectivity and your relationship in the past with major access initiatives in Australia -

Secondly, we are seeking sponsors to come on board to assist those who have made the commitment to meeting with the Thai delegation throughout Bangkok and the Mekong.

Could you please contact me on my mobile contact or at alexanderhayes1969 - at - regarding this matter and to discuss this opportunity.

I look forward to your return correspondence......"

Relatively painless and may open some doors.

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