Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ISB : Bangkok : Dekita.

Great news from Kim Cofino tonight ( actually two days ago ) saying that the ISB : International School Bangkok have agreed to host an un-conferenced talking circle ( sheesh....what a mouthful) with those attending FLNW2.

This is a great move as it brings also about a link between Trish's kids in Parnngurr, Graham Wegner's students in South Australia and Kim's classes ( we hope ) in Bangkok.

I'm letting that bit flow as it does.

Thanks Kim. Thanks Bee.

It's a solid indication and a real link between this and Dekita's offer with Bee also who has indicated that Dekita is on board also. Just very, very brilliant :-)

I really would appreciate some assistance here as I'm feeling exhausted.

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Justin Medved said...

Looking forward to the sharing the learning that will come out of this event!

Justin Medved
Technology and Learning Coordinator
The International School of Bangkok