Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ocean Browser : Sponsor

Ocean Browser has come onboard as an in-kind sponsor for the FLNW2 event both physical and virtual.

Rodney has introduced himself as;

"... In terms of information about me... I worked at the University of Otago for 10 years in Information Technology Services, Language Learning, and the Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC), before going out on my own 6 years ago. ....

Some details on Ocean Browser include;
:......OceanBrowser makes accessing distance delivered courses easy and efficient by distributing course content on DVD-ROM, with synchronous collaboration (chat, voip), updates and web applications (forums, wiki etc) accessible via the internet. Although we have a particular focus on distance and continuing medical education (CME), our approach and technologies are equally applicable to other disciplines.

Because students study offline, with internet access required only for collaborative activities such as audio conferencing, they can study when and where they want: OceanBrowser is a CME solution for both busy professionals on the move and those without regular internet access.

For course providers we offer an end-to-end service covering course consulting, content and learning-object development, editing, DVD mastering, replication and distribution, administration, and support. Virtual office technologies are used to facilitate day to day collaboration with course providers......"

Fantastic stuff Rodney. :-)

We look forward to connecting with the world and learning more about how your platform works.

Ps......has anybody got any idea what's happened to the ChipIn widget for the sidebar in this blog ? It seems to be invisible from this end so if you've got any ideas or want to go into the template and check ( there's eight registered authors in this blog and yet I'm the only one that seems to write anything in here ) please do so.

I'd really appreciate your help.

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