Thursday, December 06, 2007

Moving right along..

Looks like someone's friggin' around with the FLNW wikispaces front end again so we may have to turn it to 'protected' but open...what's your thoughts ?

We are seeing some movement also from around the globe which is heartening.

I'm sitting here with Jo Kay and we are musing over the amount of things happening this time of the year and after my stint yesterday in NMC with Kim Flintoff and company I'm keen to engage people in how the virtual side of FLNW2 will come together.

Bee and I are keen to link-in Dekita January workshops with the FLNW initiative and it appears that Janet Hawtin's scored a spot for a wrap-up / reflection via the Linux conference.

John has popped his head in via Skype to say he's there hail or shine as has Michael C.

So......I'm committing rail hail or shine to speaking with Alan Levine about asking for the use of the auditorium for a couple of our sessions and linking ( automatically ) the wiki entries from FLNW wikispaces over to some sort of front end elsewhere.....perhaps not as Jo states.

The good part will be to have Vance and Michael's input from Webheads as to what and when / where those who put down 'audio only' can convene through the appropriate platform.

Leigh Blackall sent me through the FLNW1 book which is an awesome collation and a real summary of those magic moments to, through and from NZ last year. Thanks mate....I really appreciate all the efforts of Sparker also with the DVD compilation.

Here's the list of who's got their name down so far;

Vance Stevens
Lukas Ritzel
Konrad Glogowski
Jo Kay
Mark A. Kramer
Kim Cofino
Nancy White
Bronwyn Stuckey
Barbara Dieu
Steve Sloan
Bill Wade
Michael Coghlan
Bill Wade
Nick Noakes
Chris Harvey
Sue Waters
Leonard Low
Janet Hawtin
Anne Paterson
Wendy Zammit
Rick Jenkins
Alexander Hayes
Leigh Blackall
Robyn Jay
peter allen
Justin Medved
Marica Sevelj
Tony Carr
Jacinta Gascoigne
Stephanie Rieger
Lud Allen

Ok folks time to add some names.

Join Wikispaces and get into the FLNW2 .


Nancy White said...

Hey, it was Yoga for Geeks at a Penguin day in Seattle more than a year ago. I'm on the red mat in the lower left. And I'm also on the FLNW online mat in January!

alexanderhayes said...

Cool !

let John know cause it appears it's all rockin. Can you let Bron know and also mark if you get a chance.

I invited Bryan Alexander to keynote also ( we need an Infocult injection ) .

I'm sorting out the SL side of things with Leigh and co.

...and linking Janet and Bee into some ways to connect with you :)

Vance Stevens said...

Glad to see the wiki is back up. Was it down for a while? However, I think you did protect it because I signed in but can't EDIT there. Ok, I'm arriving BKK on 15 Jan and can be there 16, 17, 18, 19. I have to fly out 19 evening. I see from the wiki that I am a nominated presenter, but don't know how to worm my way in here. Your advice?

alexanderhayes said...

Hey Vance.

I'll check out why you havent been added.

Feel free to make suggestions on anything as it's all about connections, conversations and carefully constructed chaos and confusion :)


Perhaps drop in a topic via the conversations JotForm.....if only to frame something to later take apart.