Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paypal & Other Breaking News

Well........I have word that the last of the donated money that was raised as part of the FLNW2 trip to Thailand has been received by John Eyles and is ready for distribution to worthy people he deems will benefit from TALO generosity.

Thanks Michael for finalising that part of the equation and now the accounting for what money went where is complete.

I've also received a Flickr image message from Trish Everett who says she's not coming home ( yet ) as she's wrapped up in what she's found.

Apart from that these hard to author ( generally singular author ) blogs seem to have had their time.

I've reverted to wikis. I've also reverted to an open theme list, a selected range of contacts by invitation to find ways to build better & bigger things using ICT's.


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