Friday, April 08, 2011

Gipps TAFE

Last night I had a brief discussion with Brad Beach from Gipss TAFE in Melbourne, Victoria Australia via Skype.

Brad has indicated that he would be very much interested in hosting an un-conference style discussion at a venue of his employ. I've decided to record this so that Brad can see the people who he is connecting with and to bring other people on board.

I've let Brad know that he will be meeting with Teemu Leinonen and perhaps Katina Michael.

Teemu's itinerary is as follows:

13 July - 18 July in Hobart
Arrival: 08:35 (13 July)

18 July - 21 July in Melbourne
Arrival: 10:20 (18 July)
Departure: 15:30 (21 July)

I'll let Leigh know that we will have a chance to explore discussions further with Brad who has championed a great deal across the VET sector and beyond over the last decade. I'm looking forward to meeting and spending some time with Brad.

The photo below is Leigh and I speaking with Brad last week about networked learning whilst amidst a TalkingVTE session.

What we are now seeking is a venue at the University of Victoria or similar where we can connect with others as part of the two day event - 19th & 20th July. As discussed with Brad this will be a self funding travel / accommodation trip for those attending.

Brad has indicated he can manage catering for everyone on that day we visit him at Gipps.


Nancy White said...

Lovely to see y'all doing this. I think a ton of all of you and knowing your individual energy, I can only IMAGINE the collective impact. Lots of wonderful, crazy, smart men!

philip said...

Its really a good one.Thanks a lot for sharing.