Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NZ synchro

Michael Coghlan from South Australia has jumped into the conference wiki with a proposal to hold a webcast early in the tour. I think this is a good plan as it will help those who don't have the time to read, watch or listen to our postings as we go along. Having a webcast gives people the opportunity to put an hour aside and quickly get an update to what has been happening. This way we avoid going over old ground when we arrive at each location.

Anyway, please feel free to join Michael on the wiki page he has set up, nominate your interest, and flesh out some ideas with him.

Babara Dieu from Brazil is preparing to link in a schools project... I'm waiting with keen interest to see what this may be.

Teemu Leinonen is also planning to link in European and South African projects in Free Libra educational resources... is that right Teemu? Also keenly awaiting what form this takes.

Please, everyone feel free to adjust or add to the conference wiki, linking out to complimentary projects, or bringing stuff in. Lets get this space looking and feeling like an Open Space.

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Marg O'Connell said...

This will be a great idea and a good way to keep in touch, as I'm only making the second part and will be in Wellington (including the eFest conference). I'd like to follow the developments and then contribute once in Wellington (as well as before!) - so, thanks Michael ...and if you need any connections/peeps/etc back in Oz I'm happy to help out!

Cheers, Marg