Friday, August 18, 2006

Participation confirmed!!

Phew! What an intense week it has been. We now have 10 (11 including me) participants confirmed for the tour! And what a great bunch of people too! See the list on the home page to the wiki.

The wiki is seeing plenty of action. Thanks those who are adding to it with ideas and minor edits. Basically I hope it will continue to take form and meaning right up to, throughout, and after our meeting.

We are now doing the finishing touches on flights and accommodation in Dunedin, before we move onto internal travel arrangements.

Budget is looking good. Refer to the bottom of the wiki. Don't be alarmed, some of those figures are being covered as in kind contributions... We are looking for another $4000 hard cash though, to help cover the tour going to Christchurch.

Next week we are printing the fliers and will use them to seek sponsorship from local business and government.

So all is well - I can't wait!!

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