Monday, September 18, 2006


Michael Coghlan was the first in Dunedin, arriving on Sunday morning. He was picked up by Terry where he had dinner and a bed.

Teemu Leinonen arrived safe and sound Sunday afternoon. A whopping 25 hours of travel from Helsinki! I picked Teemu up and checked him into the Kings Gate Hotel to recover. He and I went for a roast dinner at the Cob and Co where we met Rose G off the bus from Queenstown sight seeing.

After dropping Teemu back at his hotel, Rose and I went back into the airport to pick up Barbara Dieu on the 20:30 and Stephen Downes on the 21:00. We checked them into the Kings Gate as well, Rose staying the night with Sunshine and I.

This morning I picked up Konrad Glogowski from the 9:10 (I was a bit late) and dropped him at the Kings Gate also for breakfast and a shower.

This arvo I will fetch Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald on the 14:10 from Sydney, and we meet the others at 4pm for the Marae visit.

All is going well.


Anne Elliot said...

Wow! Leigh has been busy running his shuttle service. Well done, Leigh!

Downes said...

I am on Stewart Island. I will be at the train station at 11:30 on the 20th. Hopefully more rested and relaxed, having spent some time with nature and having greeted the islands in my own way.

alexanderhayes said...

Yee ha. It's happening and I've been granted leave to attend. The FLNW is a living , growing concern. Top marks Leigh.