Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sept 25 - Auckland

Quite an interesting day in Auckland yesterday. We kicked off at 2pm in Auckland University of Technology.

We first had to get through some very restrictive network security, but as that was being worked out Alex grabbed a projector and set up a little photo slide show in the corner. The mingling crowd began to converge on the corner as seats where broken out of their rows and arranged around the projection. (we should have set up more projections).

About then I jumped in and introduced the FLNW group. We then asked the locals if there was anyone with similar interests or if they had issues they wanted to discuss. But there was a slight stand off still - we hadn't yet succeeded in opening up the space. Attempts at facilitating a whole group conversation were made using show of hands, and while some important issues and discussion was had, it was very much dominated by a few people.

We stopped for a coffee break, which is normally the time when smaller groups form to talk about the issues raised in the bigger group. This is about when the space starts to open in my opinion. Stephen tries to point out that breaking into smaller groups is when the space closes... I'm not sure myself... I think Stephen makes a very thought provoking observation. I recorded him explaining a white board diagram he made while the smaller groups discussed.

link to original video

At the end of the day (6pm) we summed up what each group said by Steven Parker running around with a video camera and grabbing footage of each group 'presenting' their discussions. Given that Steven jumped on a plane out of here today, I think it may take him a while to update his videos... watch that space in other words...

We finished around 7pm, still energised and inspired, and those left went to dinner together. I think the last person hit the pillow around 2am. Just another day of FLNW really :)

Now we are in Wellington, in the very impressive Museum Hotel.

eFest tomorrow - where I for one plan to try and bring all this together for a book - or more accurately, an album.


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More video clips for the "interesting" day at AUT can be found via this link: