Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tag clouding the flnw

So here we sit, in Wellington Library enjoying free Wireless thanks to eFest sponsor cafeNet. I'm using the time to make a start on the album for the FLNW tour. First step is to go through all the captured media and reflect on the emergent issues, key topics etc.. I coined onto the idea to use tagging of media to discover emergent and dominant themes (see screen grab above). Bigger words represent concepts that have the most amount of media behind them, smaller words the least.

To generate this tag cloud I had to create a account purely for the FLNW event. Then go through all the media to do with the event and save the URLs back to this account and describe the resource with any number of tag words. Over time emergent words (or concepts) take shape as more and more media gets saved to the tag word.

I think its an interesting way to review content and begin defining themes, content and 'structure' for the print based album. The bad thing about it is it centralises the the URLs into a single service (, instead of aggregating individuals, but I couldn't think of another way to get a picture of the event based on key words..

here is the link to the tag cloud where the words are hyper linked to the content lists according to the words. Below is a video of me explaining the concept. This is a work in progress, which means the tag cloud is still evolving, which means the picture of the event based on words is still emerging.

an idea to identify emergent themes from the media captured from the conference

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