Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hutton Theatre - Sept 19

I lost my pictures and audio from the Marae stay last night :( we coudn't record anything inside, but we did a lot before and after. Never mind, other's recorded - I'll try and connect to their media as soon as possible, and provide an update on that.

Here is a little of what I grabbed in the Hutton Theatre today. We have more professionally recorded video and audio in the works. It will be available here soon.

Predictably, we had trouble getting an open space happening at first. The Internet was down when we wanted to start so we asked poor Teemu to get up and present MobilEd from his computer. Teemu delivered an almost 1 hour talk (not quite open space we know). By the end of it we had Internet. We then went back to what we originally proposed - short intros from everyone who wanted to talk about their work, then groups merging in on projects of interest to them.

From then on there was a buzz in the air. Lots of long, in depth conversations, going on past lunch time, then field trips out to local schools, departments and faculties.

I'm pretty pleased with how it has all ended up. This open space conference worked :)

Click to Play

Jo's round up of her session at the Hutton theatre

Teemu brought a focus group together

WHat did a design lecturer and a visual arts lecturer get out of today?


dEadlymOb said...

Hi you mob in NZ
great to see a few snippets of your times together. Dropped into Michael's office Tuesday morn but nothing!
I can imagine some fantastic conversations between those participating. Changing format, shifting horizon, different voices, controversial topics.
The idea of language learning in SL or more accessible 3D environment is a hoot, especially for languages spoken by minorities. At present there's a mob from the Centre doing a play 'Ngapartji, Ngapartji'about Maralinga Land in Pitjanjajara for the Melbourne and Sydney Festival. Young people are using videos to teach some language (www.deadlymob.org under'artstuff')
to the audience before attending - deadly to do it in real time. Need audio. How does that work in SL and such like, Jo?
Hope your travels and chats are excellent.
Georgina Nou

bronwyn said...

the open space thing in the Hutton unfortunately only started happening for the dunedin participants...the time was too short in the morning to really get the thing going...and then the afternoon was fragmented by people wandering off on visits to which most people weren't invited...the confined space thing that happened on the train could have been created for more people in the Hutton if there'd been more time....and more made of the visits they could have also hooked into.

It is quite probable that a lot of the dunedin people wont follow the roadshow as it goes so we need perhaps to remind them to look and keep everyone who has joined the conference at different points informed...yeah I know they should take responsibility but people like to be fed things too.