Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kittens - 11th hour mayhem

I've had "update the blog" on my to-do list the past 3 days.. with very little time to spare - here goes.

  • Stephen Downes is back on the tour.
  • Marg O'Connell has started up a Google Map for us to mark out locations, journey and timelines - using Community Walk.
  • Sean FitzGerald has offered to tidy up the wiki and make it more user friendly
  • All flights and accommodation have been confirmed. Due to extremely tight budget we have had to opt for shared rooms. We have pegged single rooms in case I snore too much or Sparker's feet stink ;)
  • We are still scratching around for a further $3000 to help cover catering.
  • We have wireless Internet at the Hutton Theatre for Tuesday the 19th
  • We have penciled in an Access Grid (video conference on steroids) for the morning of Wednesday the 20th, making sure to mix in a normal web conference with it for international participation in that meeting. We now need NZ Access Grid nodes organised for that time (1030am on the 20th - please contact me), and to decide what web conferencing gear we'll use to bring in international participation along with it...
  • We are also aiming to include another web conference to open the space wider on the afternoon of Thursday the 21st in Christchurch.
  • I am attempting to find the time to update the wiki with exact details of the itinery - such as flight times, accommodation locations etc...

1 comment:

Jane said...

I think that this is a truly inspiring event - I only wish I had come across it earlier! I hope it all goes well - I can't see how it can fail, in fact - and I'll be following your blog with baited breath from now on.

I remember meeting you at BlogTalk Downunder last year, Leigh - and being very impressed by your enthusiam and commitment then. Congratulations - I think this is a very big step forward.